Hello there!

Now that I have this website running I suppose I'd better make some content for it. And find out how to make content for it. Things like that.

To recap, for my tired mind: this VPS is running Debian 10, with Nginx for the web server, and finally, using Grav the CMS. Also featuring PHP and some modules because Grav requires that, and Certbot to get a certificate from LetsEncrypt.

Ah geez the save button's disappeared. Thats a pickle.

Eyyy trying to switch to Expert mode and then choosing not to leave without saving brought the header back. Including the save button.

I love experiencing bugs just when I start to use software, makes me feel super confident that I can continue to use it without worries.

I switched to landscape orientation and the header buttons disappeared again. Ugh.

'Found an issue? Please report it on Github.' yeah um the one and only save button just fuckin disappeared. Wonder if I can ctrl+s. With my default Android keyboard. hm.

Well I copied the text and pasted it back when I could press the save button. Don't see any issues mentioning the problems I'm having, that means I ought to make a report? I guess?